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Concocting The Perfect Formula
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Our animated videos go way beyond writing a script and creating some animations that describe the script literally.
We treat every explainer as the most important piece of content that you will put out there.
That means conveying the essence of your ICO in a 2 minute video, creating a compelling story and surrounding it with beautiful graphics.

Website Design

We create websites that are different. Having a website that truly stands out can be worth millions, especially in
a fast moving industry like crypto. With a variety of designs and approaches, we specialise in creating a unique
user experience that your community will not forget anytime soon.
And we can also turn it around much faster than the industry standards.

Investing & Advising

Drip-feeding content to your community leading up to your ICO is crucial. With a team of amazing writers, we are excited to craft story-based articles that are well-researched and extremely compelling. Whether it's a short article that describes the utility of your token or a long-form article that makes the reader imagine the paradigm shift associated with your ICO, we take your vision and put it into words.

Compelling writing goes a long way, but having it presented in different formats makes a huge difference. We always love to complement a great article with "rich" media - explainer videos with professional voiceover that follow the article, infographics to condense the knowledge in your community channels and other forms of media that allow readers to get sucked in to the story.

Using our deep network within the blockchain community, we assist with raising funds during the private or pre-sale stages for the projects that we highly believe in

Collective Power

Chief Creative Alchemist
Business Development Scientist
Anna Pelova
Creative Writer
Stanislav Verstiuk
Video Animations
Samuel McCulloch

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